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Course CodeTitle
ACCT 208 A Accounting II
ARTS 216 A DS DS Sculpture II
ARTS 230 A Graphic Desgn I
ARTS 314 A DS DS Painting III
ARTS 414 A DS DS Painting V
ARTS 424 A DS DS Painting VI
ARTS 434 A DS DS Painting VII
ARTS 499 A IT Art Internship
ARTS IND A IS Art Ind Study
ARTS IND B IS Art Ind Study
ARTS IND C IS Art Ind Study
BIOL 101 B Prin Biol w Lab
BIOL 222 A Hum Phys w Lab
BIOL 490 A GrossAnat w Lab
BIOL 498 A Ind Research
BUSN 307 A Busn Comm w Lab
BUSN 499 A IT Bus Internship
CDIS 201 A Obs Hmn Comm
CDIS 205 A Beginning Sign
CDIS 220 A OL Basic Audiology
CDIS 290 A OL Intro CDIS
CDIS 421 A OL Aural Rehab
CDIS 431 A OL Orient Lab
CDIS 434 A OL Orient Clinical
CHEM 497 A Arrang Research
COMM 111 B Fund Speech
COMM 111 D Fund Speech
COMM 111 E Fund Speech
COMM 111 Z OL Fund Speech
COMM 475 A Media Ecology
COMM 499 A IT Internship
COMS 210 A Internet Progrm
ECON 203 Z OL Macroeconomics
ECON 204 B Microeconomics
ECON 330 A Comp Economics
EDUC 401 Z OL Tech and Media
EDUC 499 A IT Education Internship
EDUC 499 B IT Education Internship
EDUC 499 C IT Education Internship
ENGL 110 A Coll Writing I
ENGL 110 B Coll Writing I
ENGL 110 Y OL Coll Writing I
ENGL 110 Z OL Coll Writing I
ENGL 204 A Mod Europe Lit
ENGL 213 A Creative Write
ENGL 312 A Rdg Wrt Acr Med
ENGL 313 A DS DS Adv Writing
ENSC 499 A IT Engr Internship
GEOG 102 A Human Geography
HIST 111 Z OL Anc Med Europe
HIST 208 Z OL History USA II
HLTH 201 Y OL Nutrition
HLTH 201 Z OL Nutrition
HLTH 330 A Phil of Wellnes
HLTH 470 A Intro Diseases
LEGL 470 A DS DS Family Law
MART 497 A Capstone IIExhibition
MATH 111 A College Algebra
MATH 120 A Intro to Stats
MATH 120 Z OL Intro to Stats
MILS 102 A Intro Prof Arms
MILS 302 A Applied LeaderSmall Unit
MUSC 102 A Music App
MUSC 102 Z OL Music App
PLSC 105 Z OL Am Government
PSYC 110 Z OL Gen Psychology
PSYC 215 B DS DS Personality
PSYC 270 A Gender
PSYC 340 A Social Psych
PSYC 380 A Psychopharm
PSYC 499 A IT Psych Intern
RELG 109 A Essentials ofChristianity
RELG 109 B Essentials ofChristianity
RELG 111 A Christianity II
RELG 111 C Christianity II
RELG 111 D Christianity II
RELG 325 A Psalms Wisdom
RELG 330 A Social Thought
RELG 335 A Confessions
SARC 100 B Essential StudySkills
SARC 100 C Essential StudySkills
SCIE 330 A Science Ethics
SOCL 101 Z OL Intro Sociology