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Course CodeTitle
ACCT 207 A Accounting I
ARTS 110 A Drawing
BIOL 101 B Prin Biol w Lab
BIOL 221 A Anatomy w Lab
BUSN 330 A Princ Marketing
BUSN 350 A Princ Finance
BUSN 499 A IT Bus Internship
CDIS 290 A OL Intro CDIS
CDIS 312 A Spch Lang Devel
CDIS 322 A OL Spch Hrg Sci
CDIS 394 A App Anat Phys
CDIS 410 A OL Neuro Bases Spch
CDIS 416 A OL Vc Res Disorder
CDIS 444 A Appraisal Diag
COMM 111 A Fund Speech
COMM 111 C Fund Speech
COMM 111 D Fund Speech
COMM 111 E Fund Speech
COMM 365 A Images on Film
COMS 103 A Intro Prog I
ECON 203 A Macroeconomics
ECON 203 B Macroeconomics
ECON 203 Z OL Macroeconomics
ENGL 110 A Coll Writing I
ENGL 110 B Coll Writing I
ENGL 110 Y OL Coll Writing I
ENGL 110 Z OL Coll Writing I
ENGL 200 A Literary Analysis
ENGL 201 A Srvy Greek Lit
ENGL 205 A Intro Fiction
ENGL 495 A SR Sem Lit
ENSC 323 A Solid Mechanics
HIST 403 Z OL Native Am Cult
HLTH 206 A Adv First Aid
HLTH 240 A Cur Hlth Issues
MART 297 A A/V Product
MATH 110 A Problem Solving
MATH 120 A Intro to Stats
MATH 151 A Calculus I
MILS 150 A Leadership Lab
MILS 210 A Army Fitness
MILS 301 A Training MgmtWarfighting
MISY 300 A Software App
MUSC 102 Z OL Music App
PSYC 110 Z OL Gen Psychology
PSYC 120 A Human Growth
RELG 108 A Essentials ofChristianity
RELG 108 C Essentials ofChristianity
RELG 110 A Christianity I
RELG 110 B Christianity I
RELG 110 E Christianity I
RELG 223 A Life of Christ
RELG 224 A Israels History
RELG 229 A Chrstn Doctrine
RELG 235 A Hymndy/Liturgcs
RELG 320 A Luther
RELG 330 A Social Thought
RELG 340 A Apologetics
RELG 380 A Pauline Lit
SARC 100 A Essential StudySkills
SARC 100 B Essential StudySkills
SARC 100 C Essential StudySkills
SMNR 101 B Freshmn Seminar
SMNR 101 C Freshmn Seminar
SMNR 101 D Freshmn Seminar
SMNR 101 E Freshmn Seminar
SMNR 101 G Freshmn Seminar
SMNR 101 H Freshmn Seminar